Sunday, February 2, 2014

Parade of Skirts- January Recap

January was a productive sewing month; I sewed seven skirts over three weekends: 2- navy blue, 1- camel color, 1- camel & black, 2- black and 1- black & white hound tooth.
The photo on the left; I am wearing the houndtooth skirt. Can I tell you how much I love this skirt. This is how I will wear it on casual Fridays at work.
The photo to the right is an example of how I will wear the same skirt on date night; depending on where hubby and I are going I can wear fabulous gladiator shoes or strappy sandals and up my make-up game.

 Here I'm  showcasing the black skirt. In both photos I am wearing a blouse that has been in my closet for a long time. I love this look because I can wear it to work and add a jacket on the days when my job duty requires me to go to court or I have to meet with representatives from X, Y or Z company or corporation.
I will say my work environment is relax ( when you are not dealing with the public) casual business to conservative ( dealing with the public or going to court).

Below are photos of the seven skirts. Yes, January was a productive month.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Parade of Skirts- Part-2

Pattern Description: Self drafted pencil skirt with an elastic waist.

Pattern Sizing: Combination of sizes 12 for the front skirt and size 14 for the back skirt. Also the waist was drafted 2 inches smaller than the hip measurement in order to give the skirt shaping.

Were the instructions easy to follow? This was straight stitch sewing. If you are a beginner check You Tube out for videos that will teach you how to sew an elastic waist skirt.

 What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? There was nothing to dislike.

What I like about this pattern? The pattern was drafted to fit my proportions and it to accommodate the properties of the fabric.                                          

Fabric Used: 1 ¼ yd of 50-inch wide medium weight Ponte knit fabrics in navy blue, black and camel; was purchased at 35 street Fabrics on 35 streets between 7th and 8th avenue in New York City, New York.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: The pattern was altered twice after the first and second skirts were sewed. A total of 2-inches were removed from the side seams because the fabric was a knit it did not need all the ease that I added to the pattern when it was drafted.  The end results is a figure hugging pencil skirt. The skirts are lined with lingerie fabric.

Would you sew it again? Yes, skirts are a must have in my working wardrobe.

 Would you recommend it to others?  I recommend having a TNT basic skirt pattern. You can draft a simple skirt pattern or buy one. As long as you have a pattern that fits your figure.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Parade of Skirts- First Projects of 2014

My sewing mojo took a vacation without my consent and now it has decided that it’s time to come back home. I don’t have sewing plans or resolution for 2014. Instead I have one simple goal: take it easy, enjoy, sew slowly and consistently. My first project for 2014 were two lined navy blue Ponte knit skirts with an elastic waist. The fabrics were purchase last summer (2013) on one of my shopping/luncheon all about sewing and friendship adventures with my sewing buddies. A total of 6 pieces of Ponte knits (two of each, black, navy and caramel) were purchased. At the time of purchase I knew that I was in desperate need of skirts in basic colors to add to my work wardrobe. I made two navy blue Ponte knit skirts this weekend. Here I am wearing the one of the navy blue skirt. Next, I will work on the caramel color and it should be assemble line sewing. In the next post I will do a review of the pattern I drafted. Later.

Below is a view of the wrong side of the skirt

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year
To everyone who takes to the time to read my blog, thank you.
To the ladies who sent me an e-mail to inquire about my absence, thank you.
I am happy this morning because 2014 is here. A new year means new beginning, a time for us to start over, regenerate, make plans, etc. I've not written a post in months; however I keep up with the blogosphere. Many of you made wonderful garments, crochet or knit awesome garments, let's not forget the beautiful needlework creations. Last year I became insanely addicted to You-Tube, I subscribed to soooo many you tube channels. To all the vloggers  who take the time to make videos, thank you, I appreciated.

In addition to becoming insanely addicted to You-Tube, Pinterest became another addiction of mine,no surprise here. Let me end this post by wishing everyone good health, strenght and prosperity.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hello/ Baby Shower

It has been a minute since my last post and I have a lot to share. My goddaughter(#2) is expecting her first baby any minute now. The baby shower was August 10, 2013. Two weeks before the shower goddaughter #1 told me she needed 10 more centerpieces for the tables. There were a total of 20 tables with 10 guest at each table.  We decide on making diaper cakes. I've never made a diaper cake. After consulting with my dear friend Ms Diva and with much encouragement from another Diva Ms Rosie, I began to work on the diaper cakes. Below are a few photos of the diaper cakes

On the day of the shower there were 230 guest. If you are familiar with Panamenian parties, a baby shower is a big celebration and the mom to be is treated like royalty. Below is a photo of the future mom and dad.

After the shower goddaughter #2 decided that she wanted special thank you cards for friends and family members who contribuited time and money to make the baby shower a success. Again I ventured into an area that I knew nothing about. After consulting with Sheila and watching several You Tube tutorials this was the end results

On the inside of the card on the right side is the future parents name and on the opposite side is a photo of both parents that was taken by a professional photographer.I did not obtain permission from her to post that particular photo; her tummy is exposed, she was surrounding by yardages of shimmering tulle that went from deep pink to soft pind to white&nbsp.It's felt like she was floating in the sky. Just beautiful.
The pic above is the envelope that I made using scrapbook paper for the thank you cards.
A big thanks to all the folks on You Tube who post videos. I did watch several vidoes on YouTube on diaper cakes and making cards. Also, Thank you Sheila and Rosie.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Adjust the Bust - The Complete Guide with Kathleen Cheetam- Craftsy Class Review

Before I review the class, I would like to give you a little background information.
Craftsy is a website that was started a few years ago and it has grown by leaps and bounds.
Ericka posted concerning a class on Craftsy in this post
I clicked on the link and I purchase two classes; Sandra Betzina’s pant fitting  and Susan Khalje couture dress.  Recently Craftsy had a 75% discount on their classes and I took advantage of the sale and purchase  a few more classes.

Adjust the Bust was one of the classes I bought.
The technique of watching the video probably 3-4 times before I started taking notes and working with the  models was a winning combination for me.
The topics that  were covered included but were not limited to:
1. How to fit a full bust and a small bust by adding or subtracting fullness to the bust area
2. How to add the ease included in the pattern to your high bust measurement and use the results purchase a pattern that will fit you in the neck and armhole area. This was a first for me.
3. Princess Seams. my interest was on fitting the bus. I skip this part of the class for another time.
 Kathleen was focus, and methodical. The classes were divide into section and the each section was  sequencially taught.
This class may not be for everyone, depending on your level of sewing . If your level is advance or you enjoy couture sewing, this may not be for you. I don't think a beginner will benefit from this class, it may be too advance. You be the judge. For me it was worth it. And I am looking forward to more classes at Craftsy or an You-Tube. Speaking of You-Tube... more in another post.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Random Thoughts About Sewing- Original vs. Copying

Kristine wrote two posts this week. The first post generated great conversation. From the responses two questions came to my mind. First, why do we sew? And second is there anything that is original in fashion today? The first question was answered by Kristine here. There is no need for me to reinvent the wheel. Well written Kristine.

The second question was a bit more complicated. I love the fashions of the 50’s, 60’s 70’s and 90’s on so onnnn!. As you can see I did not include fashions era of the 20’s, 30’s 40’s and 80’s. I enjoy looking at the earlier decades; however I am not in love with them. The 80’s was one of the most horrible fashion decades in history. Why, I will address that topic in another post.

I owned a large collection of vintage patterns, and I have a large collection of vintage fashion images that I have collected over a period of time. One of my biggest sources of finding vintage fashion is the internet. I went through my collection and went on the internet to search for more information and I was not surprised to find that nothing is original. There is not one design out there that is original, every designer look back on previous decades, history, the environment, a trip, a painting, etc. This information is then use as inspiration to reinterpret and maybe manipulate the exact same design of previous decades. The addition of technology, fabrics, dyes, threads, colors and other materials available to the designer add to mix of whats available to the designer. Below is an example, this is from the Dolce & Cabbana spring/summer collection 2013. Look closely, the dress is a basic dress that you can easily find in your pattern collection. Origina vs Copying or Re-interpretation? You be the judge on this one.

Here is a link to Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer Collection 2013, two of my favorite designers. If you watched the slide show you will be able to see history in fashion (The Roman Empire), and the 50’s done with new fabrics and 50’s fabrics. You can see it on YouYube here Beautiful, "YES" original "Absolutely NOT"